Wednesday May 11, 2022

Sustainable return to nursing with Long Covid, advice from the experts

Returning to work as a nurse with Long Covid is thwart with difficulties in part due to its relapsing-remitting nature. Many nurses with Long Covid experience post-exertional malaise and symptom exacerbation if they push themselves and this may trigger a major relapse. This means that a return to work needs to be planned carefully. In this second podcast of a series about Long Covid, Dr Alison Twycross, Editor in Chief of Evidence-Based Nursing, speaks to two freelance consultants from Long Covid Work: Dr Clare Rayner, a consultant occupational physician, and Kirsty Stanley, Director, Occupational Therapist & Writer at Occupation4Life Ltd, about best practice in this context. They provide guidance for both employers and employees. Alison, Clare and Kirsty are also members of the Long Covid Support Employment Group. More information on the Long Covid Nurses and Midwives UK website: The EBN podcast series on Long Covid is produced by Letícia Amorim and edited by Brian O'Toole. Please subscribe to the Evidence-Based Nursing podcast via all podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify, to get the latest podcast every month. If you enjoy our podcast, please consider leaving us a review or a comment on the Evidence-Based Nursing podcast iTunes page ( Thank you for listening.

The first episode of this three-episode series:

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