Monday Dec 02, 2019

Research Made Simple: care of men living with dementia

Welcome to a new series of "research made simple" podcasts where researchers are interviewed about their studies and chosen methods, and implications for nursing practice and research are considered. In this first podcast, Associate Editor of EBN Laura Green speaks to Dr Sarah Campbell, a researcher within the Dementia and Ageing Research team in the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work at the University of Manchester. Her doctoral research "Atmospheres of Dementia Care: Stories told through the bodies of men" is an ethnographic study exploring what role the experience of place plays, and the role gender has, in the lives of men living with dementia in a variety of care settings. The aim was to interpret the everyday embodied life for men living with dementia in care and their connection to atmosphere. The study was undertaken alongside a wider project colloquially known as The Hair and Care Project (ESRC Ref. 2011-2013; Dr Richard Ward, PI). The PhD study collected data across three fieldsites focusing on the experience of seven men living with dementia. To find out more about this research, contact Sarah on or follow her on twitter @wanderingalong You can also read a few relevant articles in Evidence-Based Nursing about ethnography as a research method and its applicability to understanding nursing practice: Ethnography: Challenges and Opportunities

Using observational research to to obtain a picture of nursing practice

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